Why aren't there prophets living on the earth today?

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Where are today's prophets?
Q Why aren't there prophets living on the earth today?
- Lauren

Dear Lauren,

It is my personal opinion that there ARE prophets living in the world today.  You may be thinking that they aren't recognized, but Jesus mentions that this was true in his time as well. Prophets are always speaking against the prevailing winds, so to speak, and generally are criticized and worse--even imprisoned and tormented.

You ask a good question, though, because prophets are inspired by God to call us to a good path, a path that leads to God. I think it takes prayer and careful attention to the messages we receive from all the media available to us to sort out "real" prophets.

I believe that people who have won the Nobel Peace Prize are not always, but often, prophetic. Some of them are still living. Some of them are suppressed by their governments and only alive because their fame protects them--if they were killed, their governments would be condemned.

I would hope that you yourself could play a prophetic role in this world. It take courage, faith and careful attention to what the Lord would have you speak. May the Lord be in your heart and on your lips!

- Carol Ann