Who invented the Rosary?

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Q Who invented the Rosary?

There is a tradition that St. Dominic "invented" the Rosary and I had thought that was indeed the case. But a little research to answer your question seems to say that can't be so. The Rosary (in its beginnings, at least) simply developed gradually over the years, apparently beginning around the 12th century. The original number of Hail Marys corresponds to the number of psalms in the Old Testament. I had heard this was so that uneducated people who couldn't read could join in the tradition of praying the psalms in monasteries and convents. It took a long time for the "etiquette" or way of praying the Rosary became standardized and I read that, even today, different countries have different styles. I know that some additional prayers were attached when I prayed the Rosary aloud with others in Alabama, which differed from the prayers used in Indiana, for instance.


- Carol Ann