Who can administer the sacrament of Baptism?

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Q Who can administer the sacrament of Baptism?

The normal minister of Baptism is a Deacon or a Priest (of course a Bishop can do whatever a Priest or Deacon can do). 

However, in danger of death anyone can administer Baptism, as long as long as they follow the ritual of the Church (immerse in or pour on water with the Trinitarian formula - "in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit") and intend to do what the Church intends by Baptism.  Often one hears of Catholic nurses who baptize a newborn when it is obvious that the baby is not going to live.  As crazy as it sounds, even a pagan or an atheist could administer Baptism to a dying person who asked them to, if there was no other person available to baptize (the classic 'deserted island' scenario).


- Fr Bob